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other options for casual friday and a picture of Jamikal…

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Written by youscreeem

April 22, 2010 at 11:09 pm

tooth fairy

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a little lesson in keeping a tidy nest…

me and my brother have been talking about getting some weed for a while now.  we are both so lazy about our drug habits that we never actually do it, but we’ve talked about doing it a lot.  sO… i’m at work the other night and i get a text from him asking if i want to go in on some.  i say yes (thinking this is just like every other time he’s asked).  he tells me he was going to come down my way to pick it up but since i was working he’d do it the next day so we could meet and he could give me my half.  okey dokey!

so, i go home after work and there is a note on my computer written in sharpie on a paper towel.  it read:

“the tooth fairy was here”

not quite thinking straight, i open my laptop and look on the key board… nothing.  O… the TOOTH fairy… i gettit.  i go into my bedroom and sure enough, under the pillow is a little bag o weed and a pipe.  he had let himself in with his key and left me a present.  how thoughtful…

then i start to look around my room.  o dear god.

there is not one, but TWO, bottles of lube on my nightstand (what?  i like lube…).  the drawer is opened and there is my very nice array of sex toys in a translucent zippered pouch.  condoms.  need i go on?  GROSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

to top it off i go into the bathroom and i have not one, but TWO dildos drying on the sink. (what?  at least i’m clean…) 

please tell me he didn’t pee… please tell me he didn’t have to PEE!  AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!


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July 5, 2009 at 3:15 pm

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