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sunday funday!!

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You may have caught on by now to our obsession with researching extreme sex practices.  A while ago we stumbled upon cock and ball torture, one of our favorite mind fuxxx to date.  Apparently there is an entire set of men out there that love this shit…  hooking probes up to their dicks and delivering painful electrical shocks through rings around there balls, clamps, and even rods inserted into their dick holes.  ALSO… there are men that like to be straight up kicked in the nads as a form of STIMULATION?  Now… i don’t have a pair of nuts.  But some of these videos are straight up painful for even me to watch.  But i can’t stop!!  It’s so FUCKED!!!  (That last bitch straight up scares me… if you have the web previews turned on just roll over the link.  You’ll get my point)

disclaimer:  It’s not my fault if you have nightmares from this… i may be the sick fuck that posted this, but you’re the sick fuck who reads it 😉

love you!

Written by icecreeem

June 14, 2009 at 11:43 am