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The Roar of Love… A Love Poem.

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I woke up (at 1 pm) today to the most amazing package on my front doorstep.  As you may have gathered, youscreeem and I have been temporarily ripped from each other’s bosoms due to circumstances far beyond our control.  It’s been months since we’ve spooned, or fed each other fromage, or licked dildos together.  When she returns home, it will be the most joyous day of my life.  My ENTIRE life.  I opened the package to find this record… which is pretty much songs inspired by what is sure to be our future, aka Narnia.  Highlighted in the lyrics was this song, OUR song, “Are you Going to Narnia”…  it goes like this:

Are you going to Narnia

Take me along with you

To meet the lion with the golden mane (aka the sex werewolf)

To stare into his eyes so true (that’s where we suck him off)

I hear the ground gives living gold

And you can drink diamonds i’ve been told (slurp)

In Narnia

Are you going to Narnia

Take me along with you

To meet the lamb who is a lion

I want to learn to love him too (this part is talking about us having a 3some)

We’ll sail the sea of lily white (this is the part we do cocaine off each other’s tits)

And float on water of living light (that’s where i squirt)

In Narnia

Narnia i can hear you call

I can hear it all

Deep inside of me (that’s where everyone just starts grinding on us)

And oh every part of me cries out

I want to shout (that’s where i scream and you scream)

Let me go along with you

I want to go to Narnia Narnia. (it’s so good they said that shit TWICE!)


I luv you boo. (PUSSY PUKE!!)

Nice fox, hurry home.

Written by icecreeem

January 22, 2010 at 7:48 pm