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How to lose your viginity the iscreamyouscream way (on acid, at an orgy of course…)

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It started like any other day of high school.  I was 14, in the 10th grade, and my friends and I gathered at our lockers, split up tabs of acid,  and planned how we would get off campus and get to the beach.  3…2…1… break.

Me, my 2 best friends Morgan and Danielle, Morgan’s boyfriend Ted, his buddy Dan, a friend Sally, and another girl Matylda are skinny dipping on Fort Lauderdale beach in the middle of the afternoon, basking in the delight of being very young, very free, on drugs, and nOt in school.  Our smooth little bodies shyly brushed up against each other under the crystal blue water.  I was a virgin, but when the topic changed to us all going back to Morgan’s to film a porno… I don’t think I even blinked.  We all laughed at the ridiculousness of the idea, and then stopped, almost simultaneously, and thought, “No.  This is actually a REALLY briLLiant idea.”  I was done with my virginity.  I was ready to lose it.  I really didn’t care to who, or how… it wasn’t that important to me.  So, yeah… I was down.

Fast Forward: We were all upstairs at Morgan’s house “getting ready”.  We had placed calls to a few more friends, to see if anyone else wanted in… and we were gonna need a camera man of course.  But for one reason or another, it ended up being just us 7.  5 girls, 2 guys, and no camera.  We light a few candles, put on Enigma’s Cross of Changes (What?  Isn’t Enigma playing in the background at all underage sex parties?) and take our clothes off.   Not like 7 youngsters all about to suck and fuck each other the shreds, but more like the way you take your clothes off at the gyno after the nurse leaves and you aren’t sure how much time you have till the doctor knocks on the door.  It was hurried, and awkward and at this point it became very apparent we were NOT a room full of porn stars.  We were rather a room full of gawky children.  Some of us virgins, some of us on the rag, and all of us on acid to boot.  The 2 dicks in the room were not hard, and inhibitions started gaining control.  No one really knew what to do, so Morgan and Ted started fooling around on the bed.

I look over, and Morgan is motioning to me and  Danielle to come over.  Us 3 girls all huddled around Ted’s penis like it were a roasted turkey and we were 3 starving orphans on thanksgiving day.  Morgan starts sucking on it… “See… one of you do it… it’s ok…”  As I leaned in to wrap my mouth around my best friend’s boyfriend’s cock, I look over and I see Matylda sitting on Sally’s face, while she sucked Dan’s cock.  That, to date, is one of the sexiest things I have ever seen.

There was a lot of sucking and licking going on around the room, but the boys were having trouble keeping it up (could it have been the acid, or the pressure of FIVE girls all waiting for them to stick it in?).  I think I had more limp penis in my mouth that night than all other nights I’ve had limp penis in my mouth combined.  It was getting late, and I was getting bored.  I went to the bathroom, took a shower, and when i came out I saw Dan’s little ass sticking out from under a blanket.  Upon further inspection I saw that ass was on top of Sally.  Well… at least sOmeone was getting some.  GoD DaMMit.   I was tired, and going to sleep.   Still a virgin.  *sigh*

5 am I woke up to a beautiful hard cock pressed up on my perfect little ass.  My time had come.  Everyone else was sleeping, and Dan was ready for round 2.  He put his dick inside me, and fucked me, slowly, from behind.  Matylda, who was sleeping on the floor right behind Dan woke up, and started playing with his hair, and then reached around and played with my nipples.  He came, I went to the bathroom and wiped my pussy… blood glorious blood.  It was perfect.  Beautiful.  Everything a young girl could hope for…

The end.  Or really… just the most glorious beginning 😉

Written by icecreeem

December 4, 2009 at 1:56 pm