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I’ve never been much of a swallower.  I LOVE to give head… and i will enthusiastically do so until he cums anywhere on me, in me, or around me he wants.  But if he wants to cum in my mouth i will generally, very gracefully and casually, let it drip back out.  I wish i loved it more, since it seems 99.9% or more of the men I’ve been with think it’s the hottest thing ever for a bitch to guzzle that shit down. Something about it makes me literally gag.   I can be giving head for an hour but as soon as a drop of cum hits my tongue it’s gag city.  Most of the time. (Although recently I’ve found if I’m turned on enough i want it, even asked for it once??  That’s a whole other post altogether i think.   Yeah we’ll get to that another day…)

Which brings me to the 2 topics at hand.  1) kissing a girl after you cum in her mouth and 2) actually asking/liking/wanting her to.  I’m gonna start with #2…

I had a boyfriend (you might remember him from such posts as “pro state”… with the metal anal probe thingie?) who, as i have mentioned, was… um… creative.  The short of it, one night we are having sex and he tells me,

“i want to cum in your mouth and i want you to spit it back in mine.”

Well, alright then.  We had an extremely open and comfortable set up, so there was no question as to whether or not i would do it.  Besides, wasn’t really putting me out… i hate swallowing the shit anyways.  He came, and brought his mouth to mine and sUcked at it… like he wanted it all.  I could tell it was a very intense and eXXXXtremely sensual moment for him… definitely a mind blower…

It became something he wanted more and more.  I am not one to judge, love all things freaky over here at i scream you scream, but it was never something i shared in the “hell fuck yeah!” about.  Didn’t ever figure out what it was that made it so exciting.  But that might have something to do with the fact that i think it’s kinda yuck.  Anyone got some light to shed on that one?  What am i not seeing?

So, back to number one.  Post cum explosion make outs.  I have never expected a guy to make out with me after he blows a load in my mouth.  It has never seemed a very tender time to me anyways (i’m more of a cum on my face then slap me kinda girl), so the kissing thing never really bothers me at that particular moment.  I don’t even think about it.  So, more recently, i am having a discussion with a lover (you might remember him from such posts as “honey wine”… sexy as sin, spitting in my mouth?), and he tells me how he doesn’t mind kissing a girl with his cum all in her grill.  That he’d be damned if a girl doing that for him was gonna get in the way of him showing his appreciation and affection with a kiss.  Well, alright then.  So, needless to say, i suck him off, he cums in my mouth and on my face, then plants one on me.  Sweet.  I don’t know why it strikes me in any way, i have absolutely no qualms or even a thought process about kissing a guy after goin down on me, or sucking him off after fucking me for that matter, so i guess it’s all the same.  Maybe a lot of the other guys I’ve been with have just been prudish about it leaving me with the idea that it’s a bigger deal to men in general than it actually is.  Fluids are fluids.  But i couldn’t help but think back to #2.  Made me wonder if it was something he in some way wanted, not just something he didn’t mind.  I wondered if this is something more guys want then would ever admit.  Or do i just really know how to pick ’em?

hhahhaha… i know i do…

Written by icecreeem

June 12, 2009 at 12:11 pm