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what goes up…

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Written by icecreeem

March 6, 2010 at 4:09 pm

fuck my _________

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Dirty talk. We all love it. If you don’t do it you gotta admit you kinda wish you had the balls to. Every guy I know wants to hear the words “I need your huge hard cock in my tight little pussy…” come out a girl’s mouth. Every. Single. One.

I had this discussion the other day. Some things are a given. His parts for instance… cock, dick, shaft… even “man meat” could work with the right inflexxxtion … so easy. Ours… pussy… and? I mean, all the other words for vag are just not that sexy. Or are they? Am I just a square? It takes a certain kind of girl (pornstar) to be able to refer to it as her “cunt”… “fuck my cunt…” oooo… I don’t know about that… in theory maybe. MAYbe. So, what else? Poonani?  Twat? Hhahahhahaha. No.

But the real clincher (pun intended of course) is what do you call an asshole in bed? I mean… I am just at a loss. Asshole certainly is not very hot. Nor is butthole or anything with a word preceding “hole”. Someone suggested it just be called a “hole” period. But that could leave room for interpretation. Cornhole, piehole, peepee hole… SO many hOles!! Someone else said just ass… since if you were asking for someone to get in there, there would only be one way to go… making the “hole” part a given. pRetty smart.

And let me just add this… If your lover is spittin gems at you in the bedroom, don’t leave them hanging. Or even if they are just moaning a lot. There is seriously nothing more boring than a mute lay (to me… am I alone on this?). If your partner is telling you how fucking good your privates feel mashing into theirs, don’t be rude. Give it back.   Noise is hot. We want to hear you too. If you are not a dirty talker, atleast moan back a couple times. Give us sOmething to go on. Or even better would be a “your pussy/cock feels really good” or “you make my cock so hard/ pussy so wet” here and there. That is sO easy.  Child’s play. Practice in the mirror. You’ll do great.


Written by icecreeem

April 9, 2009 at 2:30 pm