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icecreeem and youscreeem and a late night AIM screen

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y: Are you there? My little status box is still disappeared and I have the funniest story!

i: yes!!!|

y: Oh wait, I found the buddy box!

i: GO ON!!!!!!!

9:18 PM

y: I just left Starbucks and hit the grocery store b/c I needed some laundry detergent, some Lean Pockets and a bottle of chianti. I get home, still waiting for _______ to call back,  and there’s a mysterious box addressed to me in the kitchen. I don’t recognize the senders’ address and I’m all perplexed and shit. I opened it and it is a glass dildo!!! I don’t even remember ordering it so I looked online at my credit card billing statement and, sure enough, BLACKOUT drunk and lonely, I made some erotic purchases the other night. WTF!?!


i: omg have you ever used glass?

i: i haven’t. i’ve heard it’s amazing…

y: No but I’ve always wanted one. It’s called the something “icicle” and on the package (pun intended) it says, “Ice it down or heat it up.” Now I’m going to have to set up a whole temperature regulation station before I jack off!

i: crazy! ooooooo… go cold first! i am so curious if it’s better that rubber?

y: It just reminds me so much of highschool when someone would get a new glass bowl and everyone would ooo and ahh over the colors and trippy designs in it after they got high. I wish I could smoke out of my icicle. Can you just picture you and I passing a glass peen to one another!?!

i: myspace!

y: YES!

i: is it pretty?

y: It’s really plain. It’s clear glass w/ a blue spiral up the shaft. You know my cheap ass only spent like $50 bucks on the thing. THe funniest part is that it came with batteries and I couldn’t figure out why. Then I looked at the invoice and I FUCKING ORDERED THEM!! What a dumbass.

i: ok. that’s the lol est thing ever.

i: seriously.

i: i can’t stop!

y: I know, I’m loling at myself. I’m an idiot!! But a drunk horny one!

i: i wondered if the people packing it laughed…

y: The batteries are “doc johnson” brand.

i: awesome

i: bet they keep going and going…


Written by youscreeem

April 9, 2009 at 8:15 pm