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I had never been a “go for his butthole” kinda girl. I was never much interested in doing it. Not for any particular reason, just didn’t strike me.  Rarely even thought about it. No one had ever asked me for it, or even hinted at it, and there were so many other places on a man I was more interested in concentrating on. At some point I started to get paranoid I was neglecting my lovers in some grotesque manner. A lot of my friends loved to dabble around back there on a guy, and I wondered if I was missing something. Then, as if by the hand of the sex god, I started dating a man who loved his own. He had toys he used on himself. He loved beads. And he had a long, thin metal probe (I have no idea what it actually was) he liked to put in there. Said he liked the cold and the weight of it. This was all a first for me. But I loved it. It turned me on to no end how into it he was. It was so sexy to me that he was so experimental in his masturbation. And being able to incorporate tricks he had only tried on himself into our sex was amazing for both of us. We were a semi odd match as a couple for other reasons,  but the sex was uninhibited and unrestrained. No holds barred.  Really good stuff.

I used to fuck this other boy who was sO obsessed with mine I thought for sure he would appreciate me returning the favor. It was MORE than shocking to me when I reached around and his entire body jerked in protest. “oh no no no no no…”. I was surprised he hadn’t been able to find any pleasure in it himself, or would act so shocked at the notion. My guess was he hadn’t tried it, or given it a fair chance. Or I thought maybe it was a mental block. Probably thought it would make him gay or something… whatta snore.

I will admit… I have come to love it. It is something that really does it for me… to watch a man enjoying a little anal stimulation.  Something about a man letting you have that sort of control over him.  It is SO sexy.  Since my one anal loving boyfriend, I have yet to be with a man who can take it far enough to reach the prostate, butt it is something I have become super interested in. I really want to talk to a man who has used one of those long vibrating anal probes that is supposed to massage the prostate and blow your fucking mind out your dickhole. Why wouldn’t every guy want to at least TRY that!? Even if you think your orgasm is amazing… isn’t it a little intriguing to think it could feel even bEtter than amazing? (The answer to that is “yes” people)…



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April 20, 2009 at 12:52 pm

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So, my most recent try this at home discovery…

Ladies, did you know we can teach ourselves to squirt?! It’s the truth. I don’t know how many of you are natural squirters, I personally have never met one, and most guys I ask tell me they’ve, “been with one once”.   Through some friendly surveys and internet investigation, i realized that i have, once.  When i was younger. And until about a week ago I thought I had peed. So did the guy I was with (i heard it through the grapevine, lame).   Most sites I’ve been to all say “you might think it’s urine but it’s not”… yeah. Coulda fooled me (well… it did…)

Ok… so here’s the skinny. Usually when a girl cums there is slight a feeling like she’s gonna pee, and we hold in to a certain degree (not even realizing we’re doing it). The trick is just NOT holding in, and instead pushing out. Like you were trying to pee (so you probably want to go to the bathroom before you have sex or jack off so you don’t actually piss all over your bed/man…). It works. Well, the first time I tried I thought nothing happened but when I stood up in the morning it all came running out of me. Personally, I thought that was pretty funny… anyone?? But the second run was much more successful.

I mean, I don’t even really know why you would want to. It’s pretty messy. You can release anywhere from a few drops to 2 CUPS at a time. But it seems like something a lot of guys I talk to want to see, atleast every once in a while. Makes them feel accomplished. “Results” as one of them put it. But besides what boys want, I find it fascinating the things you can make your body do.  I never though i was a squirter.  Now i CAN be!!  My mother would be so proud…


Written by icecreeem

April 15, 2009 at 1:10 pm