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Details magazine scored an exclusive FIRST EVER interview with “Markus”, a twenty-five year old ex-Marine from Alabama who has officially become the first legal male prostitute. Please, please, PLEASE read the interview. The man is a fucking idiot so, it’s pretty amazing. Not to mention the fact that NO WOMAN IN HER RIGHT MIND IS GOING TO HIRE A PROSTITUTE. This asshole’s dick is going for $200 per 40 minute session. I would love to meet the woman who pounces on that deal. Hey honey, why don’t you give ME that $200 and I’ll stick a bunch of fun things in you AND make dinner. Everyone knows that women don’t PAY for peen. Not real peen. You may have to lower your standards, you may have to drive to Detroit, you may have to holler at the ex you swore you’d never fuck again but you do not hand over your hard earned skrilla for a dick that ain’t made of diamonds. And really, look at this guy. AND he won’t do men, which he will soon find, is the ONLY way he could possibly earn a living doing this. But he does think that “gay people are very put-together [and that] they’re very classy, very well-organized people [and that] they have great personalities.” But his “sphincter isn’t for sale”. I mean, mine is and it’s goin’ for a song–a compliment, a hot meal and a half a bottle of Beam–but I can get away with that shit. But THIS GUY, this guy is a joke…Oh, AND he compares himself to Rosa Parks. I’m NOT kidding, READ THE INTERVIEW.

Written by youscreeem

January 18, 2010 at 1:04 am