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i wish i had a pizza and a bottle of wine…

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“In the original video for Girls’ shambolic pop gem “lust for Life”, various friends of the band, in various stages of undress, mime out Christopher Owens’ lyrics. In that version, they come thisclose to revealing various verboten body parts. Well, there’s a new and completely different cut of the video out there, and nobody’s trying to hide anything in this one.

Remember the two guys in their undies in the original video? They’re not in their undies anymore. And one of them uses the other one’s schlong as a mic. Yes, really. Also: lots of boobs. Suffice to say, this one is very, very NSFW.”

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January 22, 2010 at 12:50 am

The softer side

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This weeks gallery installment is of artist Audrey Kawasaki.  I first saw her work in White Walls gallery in SF.  It was at one of those events where 20 artists or so make the gallery their studio for the day and all create 1 piece while you look over their shoulder.  “A day in the life of a painting”.  Heavyweights like Sam Flores, Shaun Barber, and Bigfoot graced us with their skills.  Audrey was an adorable little thing who painted on a small piece of wood, all curled up on the floor amidst a room full huge canvases and easels.  Her piece caught my eye immediately and i’ve been in love with her work ever since…


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May 19, 2009 at 11:55 am