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to each their very own.

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i was chatting with one of my closest friends ever4lyfe the other day.  we’ve known each other for 15+ years and we are completely kindred when it comes to out slutbag spirits (and pretty much everything else).  usually our conversations consist of a run down comparison of every and any sexual experience we’d had since the last time we spoke.  she always wins this game.  she is very advanced.

in this particular convo she brought up something i have never heard anyone speak of in real seriousness.  it was a little shocking…

we started talking about urine.

she asked me, “have you ever been turned on by the idea of urine?”

me: “NO!  why… have YOU!?”  i was ALL ears at this point.  like i said, i have never known someone in real life who thought about it in genuine way.  but there are obviously people who are into it, and i was elated to be able to pick her brain about it…

“recently.  kinda.”  but she went on to explain it wasn’t the idea of someone pissing on her or anything of that caliber.  it was more along the lines of a girl’s pussy right after she peed.  so that there was just a little moisture… and that she fantasized about licking it clean.

my mind was all kinds of blown.  i find her so fucking fascinating.

what’s so interesting to me is that people like us will always feel the need to find ways to top what becomes our sexual routine.  and the freakier our routines become, the further we have to reach to find things that stimulate us in that “forbidden pleasures” sort of way.  when slapping, anal play, spitting, toys, choking and bondage all become mundane to you… where do you go??

think about tHAT.  😉


Written by icecreeem

March 7, 2010 at 2:32 pm