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just a few thoughts…

1) i know we are the WORST bloggers on the planet and i want you to know that i think it’s awesome how many of you still check in with us even though, like i said… we are the pits when it comes to this whole diligence thing.

2) i don’t think i have a gspot.  i have looked EVERYWHERE for that damn thing, read essays, bought toys specific for finding it (for that, i somehow found my diligence) but i just don’t think it’s in there. *sigh*

3) i FINALLY was able to deep throat.  i have been trying for almost a year… even barfed on my dildo practicing alone once (swear to god… it was one of my prouder moments.  i am SUCH a good woman…)  but i did it.  it only lasted a second, but with a little more practice i think i’ll be a real pro

4) who wants to grind!?

5) i have officially pinpointed the best sex of my entire life (not just the guy, but the time) and i got the urge to tell him (because i think the prize for that title should be knowing) but he has a girlfriend now and i am thinking that might be inappropriate?  we are not that good at knowing where the lines are drawn in the real world here at ISYS (doesn’t everyone just want to talk about fucking and pubes and dildos and jacking off and butt holes all the time as much as possible like we do?)… don’t you think he’d want to know that?  i’m not trying to go there again… honestly.  but what man doesn’t want to get a text that says “ours was the best sex i’ve ever had”?  i just think people should get praise when praise is due.  AMEN!!

6) people who watch porn are better at sex.  in my humble opinion.  it’s not an exact science, but i’m noticing a pattern.   

hmmmmm… that’s all i got.  for now…

Written by icecreeem

September 24, 2009 at 12:56 am