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i’m an ex junkie.  for the most part, i am always up to bone down with an old flame (assuming everything has realigned to accomodate such a no strings encounter).  it’s comfortable, you know each others zones, you’ve already seen all each others bumps and imperfections, it’s hard to go wrong.  and i gotta lotta exes, so it adds up to a good amount of dick without having to carve any new notches on my headboard. 

here’s the trick though… you gotta remember whO liked what.  You gotta rEmember that brandon liked you to squeeze the shit out of his cock, steve liked his balls in your mouth, dylan liked when you ran your teeth along his shaft while you sucked it, david liked a little pressure on his butthole, while jim preferred a whole knuckle. 

ps… is it weird that this turns me on a little? i mean… until brandon RUIns it. bitch just wants some DICK!!  “i’m having a good time just being here with you”. Quit ur cryin sissy faggot boy and get it IN!! dylan woulda never fucked it up like that. fucking pussy…

“LET’S TAKE OFF ALL OUR CLOTHES!!” hhahhahahhahaha…that’s my kinda ho bag.

Written by icecreeem

September 30, 2009 at 9:15 pm