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America’s most sexually active cities…

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(taken from lemondrop.com, except the photo, theirs was lame so I switched it out)  Big shout outs to Fort Wayne, Indiana (#3!!!!) and Austin, Texas!!!  also, check the other stats from the study here at Men’s Health, including the cities purchasing most online from our friends at Babeland.  Sorry Actionville, Fla, not really livin’ up to your name:(  And congrats to Austin for buying so many condoms.  Safe sex is great sex.  FOr some people.

Having a hard time getting laid? Have you considered moving to Indianapolis?

Perhaps you should, because America’s racing capital is among a number of other surprising cities to make the list of the most sexually active.

The list was published by Men’s Health, with the data tabulated by combining a number of factors, like condom and sex-toy sales, STDs and birth rates. They then mixed ’em all up like a wacky Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup commercial to determine that Indianapolis is the most sexually satisfied city in the country.

It’s a dubious methodology for sure, but who are we to argue with infographics? The remaining top 10 were (in descending order) Columbus, Ohio; Fort Wayne, Ind.; Cincinnati; Salt Lake City; San Antonio; Denver; Austin, Texas; Boise City, Idaho; and Chicago.

Last on the list of 100 cities was Lexington, Kent., but good news for them — it’s only 1.5 hours to the number four city (Cincy), and just a little over three hours to Indianapolis. You know, in case you hit a dry spell, own a car and decide to take out a good chunk of America’s heartland.

Written by youscreeem

September 24, 2010 at 12:40 pm