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12:30 am. Sunday March 22nd, via txt:

icecreeem: I’m sittin in this bar and we’re all talkin about how much we love you.  big kisses.  all over.

ladyothelakes: heyyyyooooo.  more action than i’ve gotten in weeks.

icecreeem: yeah… i got some this weekend.  but it was pretty standard.  dude flinched when i put my hand on his throat.  snorezville.

ladyothelakes: lame.  i just get random texts from dudes saying “i want to cum on your face, lick it off, and spit it in your mouth”.

icecreeem: ok… was that text from ____?  cuz i got that one too.  i mean… let’s be real.  that is FUUUUUUUUNNNY.

ladyothelakes: hhahhahhahahhahahha does he mass text that shit!?!?!  I KNEW IT!

icecreeem: yeah.  he does.  MeGA LOLZ.

ladyothelakes: the one where he wanted to lick it up and spit it back in!?!?!? AHHAHhahhahHAhaa…

icecreeem: YES.  that one.  like… verbatem (sp?)

ladyothelakes: wow.  just wow. (and it’s verbatim)

icecreeem: thanks babe.  you’re the good speller of the bunch.  and yeah… just wow.

ladyothelakes: seriously!?! i do not send out mass sexts.  WHO DOES THAT!?

icecreeem: that dude.  to girls who he kNOWS write a sex blog together.  fuckinfail.

Written by icecreeem

March 22, 2010 at 11:55 pm

Posted in sex stuff

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  1. alright i’ll admit i would flinch at first if a girl put her hands on my throat without warning unless it was hardcore from the start then maybe not … lol and there is no feeling in the world like cumming on a girls face (which brings to question why is that so great?) but licking it off and spitting it back at the girl in her mouth??? one i would never want to do that and two why not just aim a bit better and make it in her mouth from the start??? lol but yeah funny shit…

    Mike Lattimer

    April 16, 2010 at 11:52 pm

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