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true art.

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March 31, 2010 at 5:10 pm

new work uniforms…

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March 30, 2010 at 12:31 am


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March 28, 2010 at 1:18 pm

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do the long distance grind

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oh email grinding… gotta love it.

from the archives:

we are in the kitchen of your house…  it’s late.  we are sharing a whiskey on the rocks… the bottle is empty.
i am standing at the sink washing my hands and i feel you press into me from behind… your lips barely touching my ear… you exhale…
your mouth is still cold from your last sip, you kiss my neck… first soft.  slowly harder till you are biting so hard i have to turn around…
you grab both my legs and prop me up onto the counter.  unbutton my pants and pull them off… black lace panties stay on…
you kneel down and kiss my inner thigh, around to my ass, up to my stomach… till you land in between my legs.  you run your nose along my pussy through my panties… you can feel how wet i am through them…
with one finger you pull them to the side and breath in…
so soft and so deliberate you spread my lips and run your tongue all the way up… and again…
you put your fingers inside me and feel my soaking wet pussy pulsing on them… you hold me down on them tightly…
you suck on my clit till your cock is so hard it feels like it is going to shoot off, you stand up and pull me down.  you rip my panties off and toss me around so my stomach is on the cold tile counter… prop one leg up, and spit on my asshole, then on your hand, and rub it all over my ass and pussy…
you take your cock in your hand and in one forceful thrust you are all the way inside of me… your cock is rock solid… it almost hurts… you thrust again… hard…it hurts.  i beg for more…
you grab my hair like a rein and while you start thrusting harder and faster you ask me what i want…

“tell me what you want you baby…”

“i want it in my ass daddy…”

“tell me again… tell me how bad you want it…”

“i want your fucking cock in my ass… please daddy… i want it so fucking bad…”

you pull your cock out of my pussy.  i turn around and kneel down… i spit on it.  i spit again.  while i stroke your cock i reach up on the counter for a cup with ice in it… i put one in my mouth, suck on it and spit it back…

i take my tongue and swirl it round the head of your cock.  it is so cold… and so wet… i slide your cock all the way in my mouth… and i suck it.  and i suck it good.  while i suck your cock i reach around and start to finger my asshole… you watch…

you pull me up and spin me around again…  ass up in the air i reach around and grab your cock… dripping with my spit…
i pull you towards me… slowly… grasping your cock hard with my hand i guide you inside… just the head… wait…

i feel it pulse with excitement…
i relax and slowly pull you all the way in.

“go slow”

you slowly push in and pull out… my asshole is so tight and dripping with spit… i can hear you breathing so heavy… it feels amazing…
i rub my clit while you start to fuck me harder… and harder…

“you like that don’t you you fucking whore…”
“i fucking love it… fuck my ass… fuck it hard…”
“i’ll fuck your ass you fucking slut… tell me you love it… ”

“i love it daddy… i fucking love your huge cock in my tight little asshole… goddam it!”

we both cum.


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March 27, 2010 at 12:56 pm


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March 24, 2010 at 3:20 pm


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the japanese do it again!! a sex machine grand prix. brilliant.
idk the hell they are saying… but i’m pretty sure it’s fucking amazing.

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March 24, 2010 at 12:45 am

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12:30 am. Sunday March 22nd, via txt:

icecreeem: I’m sittin in this bar and we’re all talkin about how much we love you.  big kisses.  all over.

ladyothelakes: heyyyyooooo.  more action than i’ve gotten in weeks.

icecreeem: yeah… i got some this weekend.  but it was pretty standard.  dude flinched when i put my hand on his throat.  snorezville.

ladyothelakes: lame.  i just get random texts from dudes saying “i want to cum on your face, lick it off, and spit it in your mouth”.

icecreeem: ok… was that text from ____?  cuz i got that one too.  i mean… let’s be real.  that is FUUUUUUUUNNNY.

ladyothelakes: hhahhahhahahhahahha does he mass text that shit!?!?!  I KNEW IT!

icecreeem: yeah.  he does.  MeGA LOLZ.

ladyothelakes: the one where he wanted to lick it up and spit it back in!?!?!? AHHAHhahhahHAhaa…

icecreeem: YES.  that one.  like… verbatem (sp?)

ladyothelakes: wow.  just wow. (and it’s verbatim)

icecreeem: thanks babe.  you’re the good speller of the bunch.  and yeah… just wow.

ladyothelakes: seriously!?! i do not send out mass sexts.  WHO DOES THAT!?

icecreeem: that dude.  to girls who he kNOWS write a sex blog together.  fuckinfail.

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March 22, 2010 at 11:55 pm

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