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I’ve never been much of a swallower.  I LOVE to give head… and i will enthusiastically do so until he cums anywhere on me, in me, or around me he wants.  But if he wants to cum in my mouth i will generally, very gracefully and casually, let it drip back out.  I wish i loved it more, since it seems 99.9% or more of the men I’ve been with think it’s the hottest thing ever for a bitch to guzzle that shit down. Something about it makes me literally gag.   I can be giving head for an hour but as soon as a drop of cum hits my tongue it’s gag city.  Most of the time. (Although recently I’ve found if I’m turned on enough i want it, even asked for it once??  That’s a whole other post altogether i think.   Yeah we’ll get to that another day…)

Which brings me to the 2 topics at hand.  1) kissing a girl after you cum in her mouth and 2) actually asking/liking/wanting her to.  I’m gonna start with #2…

I had a boyfriend (you might remember him from such posts as “pro state”… with the metal anal probe thingie?) who, as i have mentioned, was… um… creative.  The short of it, one night we are having sex and he tells me,

“i want to cum in your mouth and i want you to spit it back in mine.”

Well, alright then.  We had an extremely open and comfortable set up, so there was no question as to whether or not i would do it.  Besides, wasn’t really putting me out… i hate swallowing the shit anyways.  He came, and brought his mouth to mine and sUcked at it… like he wanted it all.  I could tell it was a very intense and eXXXXtremely sensual moment for him… definitely a mind blower…

It became something he wanted more and more.  I am not one to judge, love all things freaky over here at i scream you scream, but it was never something i shared in the “hell fuck yeah!” about.  Didn’t ever figure out what it was that made it so exciting.  But that might have something to do with the fact that i think it’s kinda yuck.  Anyone got some light to shed on that one?  What am i not seeing?

So, back to number one.  Post cum explosion make outs.  I have never expected a guy to make out with me after he blows a load in my mouth.  It has never seemed a very tender time to me anyways (i’m more of a cum on my face then slap me kinda girl), so the kissing thing never really bothers me at that particular moment.  I don’t even think about it.  So, more recently, i am having a discussion with a lover (you might remember him from such posts as “honey wine”… sexy as sin, spitting in my mouth?), and he tells me how he doesn’t mind kissing a girl with his cum all in her grill.  That he’d be damned if a girl doing that for him was gonna get in the way of him showing his appreciation and affection with a kiss.  Well, alright then.  So, needless to say, i suck him off, he cums in my mouth and on my face, then plants one on me.  Sweet.  I don’t know why it strikes me in any way, i have absolutely no qualms or even a thought process about kissing a guy after goin down on me, or sucking him off after fucking me for that matter, so i guess it’s all the same.  Maybe a lot of the other guys I’ve been with have just been prudish about it leaving me with the idea that it’s a bigger deal to men in general than it actually is.  Fluids are fluids.  But i couldn’t help but think back to #2.  Made me wonder if it was something he in some way wanted, not just something he didn’t mind.  I wondered if this is something more guys want then would ever admit.  Or do i just really know how to pick ’em?

hhahhaha… i know i do…

Written by icecreeem

June 12, 2009 at 12:11 pm

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  1. in reference to #2, ive encountered a simalar situation, but slightly different, where he just wanted me to watch, as he swallowed his own load, was his turn on … i also am quite open so was like fuck it … and apparently many men are secretly into it

    Wiki :

    Seminophagia is the ingestion of semen for erotic gratification and/or nutritional value and other physical or spiritual benefits. Sources of semen are either from human males or male animals. Swallowing of semen may inevitably occur when fellatio is performed to climax. Seminophagia is engaged in and enjoyed by many people of both sexes.

    Snowballing or semen swapping is a human sexual practice in which one partner takes into their mouth the semen of another person, and then ‘swaps’ or passes it to the mouth of another through kissing.[1]

    The term derives from the increased amount of liquid content produced as the semen, and accompanying saliva, is transferred from one mouth to another, “snowballing” into a larger amount as the act goes on.[2]

    The term can refer to the man in a heterosexual couple ejaculating into the mouth of a woman, and then receiving his semen back from her.[3] In the homosexual context, a man may share the taste of semen by kissing or spitting the semen into another man’s mouth before swallowing it.

    In a bisexual group-sex context, common in “cumswap” pornography, two or more female partners will share a man or several men’s semen between themselves. Snowballing in this manner is often featured in pornography as part of a practice called bukkake. Here, men generally adopt the dominant role, and semen is passed between women’s mouths. Instead of spitting out the semen, a much more common practice is that one woman reclines, opens her mouth, the other woman leans over her and lets the semen flow very slowly or trickle into the first woman’s mouth; this process is slower and so it takes more time on video. Also, a clear distance is kept between their mouths in order to better see the actual fluid that is swapped. In some cases, the semen will then be swallowed by one or both of the actresses. Examples of pornographic film series which focus on the act include Sperm Swappers by Elegant Angel,[4] and Cum In My Mouth I’ll Spit Back In Yours from Devil’s Film.[5]

    Because snowballing a man’s semen involves the exchange of bodily fluids without any barrier, it is not a form of safer sex. Risks are similar to those of unprotected oral sex.


    June 12, 2009 at 7:07 pm

  2. I have not actually preformed the act as of yet but have done plenty of research on it due to the fact that it was brought up by my girlfriend. When I get back in town and the passion starts flowing we plan on trying it… Back to the research tho, according to what I have read, it is a very passionate act between two people. Male and female that shows graditute for a job well done and the love that you have for each other. This can also be a very stimulating act with would arouse both people into round two or three. This would also be comparible to a guy getting off in ur vagina and then going back down on you… I have read that this also is a big turn on for the female because it shows her how much he loves her and how far he is willing to go to show his love. If its good enough for her then it should be good enough for him as well.


    December 21, 2010 at 11:57 am

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