i scream, you scream

who wants to grind?

Amayze ing

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i had the weirdest dream last night…

there was a hurricane coming to town.  i was very unprepared and had to go over to my neighbor’s house to help him tie some last things down (so to speak…).  i knock on the door and patrick swayze answers… in the face it was a young patrick swayze but i knew he was older.  he was wearing reAlly short running shorts and tube socks pulled up and had to have been 6 and a half feet tall.  this was really doin it for me and i could tell he totally wanted it too.  we were being all nervous and i asked him “how old are you?”.  “62”.  we both kinda laughed.  i had to run outside to grab a padlock to chain this huge hose  down (symbolism much?) so the hurricane wouldn’t blow it away.  i grabbed the TINIEST padlock i found outside and ran inside with it.  As patrick bent over to put the lock on the chain i could see his package hanging out his tiny biker shorts… this is where the dream turned into one of those blurs of arms and tongues…  and then some old lady came in and ruined it. (it was actually the old lady from the apartment building in the movie synecdoche, NY (see that movie if you haven’t)… the one that says “you’re very welcome young lady.”) 

i don’t know what this says about me as a person… but it worries me.

o patrick. ❤ ❤ ❤

Written by icecreeem

April 14, 2009 at 12:49 pm

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